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Meet Our Team

Joyce Maschinski, Ph.D., Vice President, Conservation and Science

Joyce Maschinski, Ph.D.
President & CEO

Dr. Joyce Maschinski is President and CEO of the Center for Plant Conservation and fulfills a dual role as Director of Plant Conservation for San Diego Zoo Global. In these capacities, she leads efforts to conserve endangered plants locally, regionally, and nationally. Joyce oversees the National Office operations and staff. She guides development of core programs, expands plant conservation best practices, and coordinates national and international outreach to train plant conservation professionals in support of our mission to prevent the extinction of rare plant species.

Email:  JMaschinski@saveplants.org

Maureen Wilmot, Vice President, Operations and Advancement

Maureen Wilmot
Vice President, Advancement

Maureen Wilmot oversees the operations of CPC. She brings more than 25 years of experience in government and non-profit management, fundraising, communication and outreach, marine science, and environmental policy to the organization. Her goal is to help organizations be resilient, sustainable, effective and impactful.

Email: MWilmot@saveplants.org

Katie Heineman, Ph.D. Plant Ecologist and Data Scientist

Katie Heineman, Ph.D.
Vice President of Science and Conservation

Dr. Heineman is dedicated to improving access to biological data for conservation research and promoting synthetic research among botanical institutions. Her research applies of data science to plant collections records to develop smarter strategies for collections prioritization and to uncover patterns in rare plant storage behavior in seed banks. She is the project manager of CPC Rare Plant Academy, an online platform that integrates CPC’s Best Practice guidelines with videos and online discourse. She also develops and maintains the web databases for the CPC National Collection and California Plant Rescue seed collections initiative.

Email: KHeineman@saveplants.org

Ann Cathrin Howard, Senior Administrative Assistant

Ann-Cathrin Howard
Operations Supervisor

Ann-Cathrin was born and raised in Germany where she completed a Bachelor of Science in Geography. She moved to San Diego in 2012 and was awarded a Master of Arts in International Relations from the University of San Diego. Prior to joining CPC, Ann-Cathrin worked in many different fields from nonprofit, to education, to real estate and has gained extensive experience in administrative services. She has a strong eye for detail and a passion for conservation.

Email: AHoward@saveplants.org