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While we believe that there is no substitute for in situ ecosystem protection for conserving rare plant species, increasingly reintroductions have been suggested by regulating agencies and conservation professionals as solutions to rare plant endangerment. Building upon our previous publication Restoring Diversity, we seek to assess current knowledge about the success of reintroductions and to determine whether there are lessons to be learned and general patterns that arise from reintroductions done in the past 20 years. To gain a broad sample of reintroduction circumstances, we invite you to participate in this survey.

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We seek data on plants with diverse life histories reintroduced into diverse locations and under a variety of circumstances. Our goal is to generate a meaningful review of reintroductions, their successes and failures, promises and deliveries. It is our intention that understanding these patterns can contribute to plant conservation efforts around the world.

Please note that we will not publish any sensitive information about endangered or threatened plant species. For example, location information should be detailed enough so that we can know the general region where a trial was done, but we will not publish this location information.

Astragalus bibullatusYour participation is voluntary. We are not requesting information that will supplant any other publication you plan for your reintroduction trial. In fact, we encourage you to publish your detailed reintroduction information and we will acknowledge your input into the database. We invite collaborations and co-authorship on this review. If you are interested in collaborating, please indicate this by checking the box in the survey.



If you need a User Name and Password, please contact cpc@mobot.org

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