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Sponsor a Species in the National Collection

You Can Help Save a Rare Plant in Your Area!

The National Collection of Endangered Plants is composed of more than 750 of the most imperiled plants in the country. The collection consists of rare plant material that is collected and maintained by CPC’s participating botanical institutions. Scientists collect seeds and plant material from the rare plants in their region. They use this material to grow the plants for restoration work and for scientific research.

The work being done by CPC institutions represents the final line of defense against extinction for our native plants. Many National Collection plants are found in only one or two locations in the wild. Often these sites are threatened by development or encroachment of invasive plant and animal species. Loss of national collection species could have implications for entire ecosystems. Many of these plants are closely related to commercial crop species and their loss could also have far-reaching economic impact.

CPC institutions invest significant resources and effort in securing and holding imperiled plant material in trust for the nation. Our institutions also work hard to learn how to grow and restore the imperiled species of the nation’s flora. In the process they and their visitors learn a great deal about native species, their unique properties, their habitats, and how to protect and restore them.

These plants are our legacy for future generations. Without the type of work supported through the National Collection of Endangered Plants, our children and grandchildren will live in a world with only a fraction of the beauty we have today, and significantly fewer precious natural resources. And, if any of these plants should become extinct in the wild, the National Collection becomes its only hope for recovery.

How Plant Sponsorship Works

Your gift to our plant sponsorship program provides steady, stable funding for the long-term work of saving our most vulnerable plants. A sponsorship provides significant help and stability for the institutions working with our National Collection species. Sponsorship contributions are placed in an endowment fund, which generates an annual stipend to the institution working with the sponsored species. The endowment also supports related data management and conservation activities at CPC’s national office.

A donation of $10,000 will fully sponsor a plant in the National Collection, but smaller gifts are always welcome. You can choose to designate your gift to a particular species or we can pool your undesignated gift with others to use as matching funds to complete more sponsorships faster.

Click here to print our sponsorship donation form or call 314-577-9457 or e-mail cpc@mobot.org to find out more about this unique program.


Thank You To Our Plant Sponsors

The following is a list of people and organizations who have helped sponsor an imperiled native plant. If you are a plant sponsor and would like your name added to the list, please contact CPC.

The Arboretum at Flagstaff

Mrs. James R. Malm

Mr. and Mrs. Guilford C. Babcock

Phyllis and Dick McEuen

David C. Berkshire

Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens

Ms. Katja Bressette

Nod Meyer

Broadmoor Garden Club

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. B. Miller

Mrs. William S. Bucknall

Phebe S. Miner

Mr. and Mrs. Lalor Burdick

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Bureau of Reclamation

New England Wild Flower Society

Elva Busch

North Country Garden Club of Long Island, Inc

Mrs. Carolyn S. Caldwell

Mrs. Joseph N. Olmsted

Catonsville Garden Club

Dr. and Mrs. F. Thomas Ott

Ms. Suzzanne Chapman

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Eliot Paine

Mrs. Hugh Chatham

Mrs. Ann P. Pardee

Mrs. Arthur L. Coburn III

Mr. and Mrs. Faelton C. Perkins, Jr.

Ellen and Henry Dubinsky

Philipstown Garden Club

Donald and Emilia Falk

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Phippen

Mrs. Arthur A. Frank, Jr.

Piedmont Garden Club

Friends of Lyon Arboretum

Polly and Dan Pierce

Garden Club of Cleveland

Mr. John H. R. Plews

Garden Club of East Hampton

Mrs. Janet Meakin Poor

Garden Club of Evanston

Providence Garden Club of Pennsylvania

Garden Club of Honolulu

Harriet and Edward Purtell

Garden Club of Houston

Mrs. William B. Reese

Garden Club of Nashville

Reynolds American Foundation

Garden Club of Orange and Dutchess Counties

Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Rosen

Garden Club of Philadelphia

Mr. George Rowell

Garden Club of Santa Barbara

Santa Fe Garden Club

The Garden Club of Wilmington

Dr. and Mrs. George F. Schnack

Gertrude Windsor Garden Club

Dr. and Mrs. Edward Schneider

Lisa Lofland Gould

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Seipp, Jr.

Hardy Garden Club

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Seymour

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon S. Hargraves

Shaker Lakes Garden Club

Ms. Catherine Harrington

Short Hills Garden Club

Henry Shaw Cactus and Succulent Society

Mr. Peter Sparks and Ms. Clytie Mead

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Holton

St. Paul Garden Club

Houston Cactus and Succulent Society

Mary R. Stanley

Mrs. Landon Y. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Stokes, III

Mr. John Karel

Stony Brook Garden Club

Kealakekua Ranch, Ltd.

Mary Ann Streeter

Denise A. Kelly

Summit Garden Club

The Kenilworth Garden Club

Syracuse Garden Club

Kathryn and David Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Whitelaw Terry, Jr.

Mrs. Daniel T. Kipp

Ms. Katherine A. Terzi

Lake Minnetonka Garden Club

Ms. Anita Tiller and Dr. Charles Dinsmore

Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County and the Restoration Subcommittee

The Trowel Club

The Laurel Garden Club

Twin City Garden Club

Julia B. Leisenring

MaryAnn and Patrick Tynan

Erica Leisenring

Virginia Native Plant Society

The Little Garden Club of Birmingham

Dr. Mary G. Warren

Mr. Jonathan Loring

Wissahickon Garden Club

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Love, Jr.

Ms. Bunny Worthington

Magnolia Garden Club of Beaumont

Mrs. James C. Young