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Plants in Peril



Beginning conservation education early is vital

Beginning conservation education early is vital.


A guide to exploring biodiversity and rare native
plant conservation for middle school educators

In the United States, you can find many species of plants and animals that occur nowhere else on Earth. From the tropical rain forests of Hawaii to the deserts of Arizona, an amazing variety of organisms fill a wide range of habitats. There are about 20,000 different species of plants alone that are considered native to this country. Unfortunately, one in every five of these plants is now of some concern to conservationists. Nearly three-fourths of the rarest of these plants are found in just five areas: Hawaii, California, Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

What is Biodiversity?

Top 5 Questions About Rare Native Plants

Plants and People

Challenges of Saving Plants in Peril

Activity One: Plant Diversity Top Ten

Activity Two: Scavenger Hunt

Activity Three: Plant Puzzlers

Activity Four: Biodiversity Dilemmas

Ideas for Action Projects

Resources for Educators

Notable Natives


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