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Publications Available for Order

Plant Reintroduction In A Changing Climate
Plant reintroduction is an established technique for conserving rare plant species that may not otherwise survive. This volume offers a comprehensive review of plant reintroduction projects and protocols, and discusses the potential role of reintroduction and managed relocation for preserving species threatened by climate change.
Paperback: $50 Plus: $4.75 for shipping

Ex Situ Plant Conservation

Ex Situ Plant Conservation
This is the first book to address integrated plant conservation strategies and to examine the scientific, technical, and the strategic bases of the ex situ approach. It outlines the role, value, and limits of ex situ conservation as well as updating best management practices for the field.
Paperback: $40 Cloth: $80 Plus: $4.75 for shipping

  2008 Plant Conservation Directory
More than 800 entries of professionals working in plant conservation from all over the United States. $20
America's Vanishing Flora America's Vanishing Flora
Stories of Endangered Plants From the Fifty States and Efforts to Save Them. CPC's flagship plant publication features vignettes on rare and endangered plants of the United States. $14.95
  An Action Plan for Conserving Rare Native Plants of the Midwestern United States (1999) - This plan provides introductory and background statements on imperiled plant issues in the 16 Midwestern states, and outlines the principal approaches needed to conserve the rarest native plants of this region. $11
  Plants in Peril: (National (1997) and Missouri (2000) editions) - A guide to exploring biodiversity and rare native plant conservation for middle school educators - This handbook provides educators at the middle school and high school levels with background information about biodiversity and plant conservation as well as ideas for related problem-solving activities. $5 (Specify edition.)

Publications Available Online


Gardener's Tipsheet: How Gardeners Can Help Save America's Vanishing Flora (PDF)

Assessing botanical capacity to address grand challenges in the United States (PDF)



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