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Some plants may only be on display part of the year.

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National Collection Plants on Display
Ageratina luciae-brauniae (Plant Profile) Ageratina luciae-brauniae
Photographer: Kimberlie McCue

  Common Names: Lucy Braun's snakeroot, Lucy Braun's white snakeroot, Braun's thoroughwort
  Taxon Synonyms: Eupatorium luciae-brauniae
  Family: Asteraceae  (Sunflower Family)
Amorpha ouachitensis (Plant Profile) Amorpha ouachitensis
Photographer: George Yatskievych

  Common Names: false indigo, Ouachita indigobush, Ouachita leadplant, Ouachita Mountain indigo, Ouachita Mountain leadplant
  Family: Fabaceae  (Bean Family)
Apios priceana (Plant Profile) Apios priceana
Photographer: Kimberlie McCue

  Common Names: traveler's delight, Price's potato-bean, Price's ground nut, Groundnut
  Taxon Synonyms: Glycine priceana
  Family: Fabaceae  (Bean Family)
Aster furcatus (Plant Profile) Aster furcatus
Photographer: Susanne Masi

  Common Names: forked aster, forking aster
  Taxon Synonyms: Eurybia furcata
  Family: Asteraceae  (Sunflower Family)
Boltonia decurrens (Plant Profile) Boltonia decurrens
Photographer: Casey Galvin

  Common Names: Decurrent false aster, claspingleaf doll's daisy
  Taxon Synonyms: Boltonia asteroides var. decurrens, Boltonia latisquama var. decurrens
  Family: Asteraceae  (Sunflower Family)
Brighamia insignis (Plant Profile) Brighamia insignis
Photographer: K. Wood

  Common Names: alula, 'olulu, pu aupaka
  Taxon Synonyms: Brighamia citrina, Brighamia citrina var. napaliensis, Brighamia insignis fa. Citrina
  Family: Campanulaceae  (Bellflower Family)
Brunfelsia densifolia (Plant Profile) Brunfelsia densifolia
Photographer: Jennifer Possley

  Common Names: Serpentine Hill raintree
  Family: Solanaceae  (Potato Family)
Calamagrostis porteri ssp. insperata (Plant Profile) Calamagrostis porteri ssp. insperata

  Common Names: Porter's reedgrass, reed bent grass, Ofer Hollow reed grass
  Taxon Synonyms: Calamagrostis insperata
  Family: Poaceae  (Grass Family)
Conradina verticillata (Plant Profile) Conradina verticillata
Photographer: Rob Nicholson

  Common Names: upland rabbitbane, Cumberland rosemary
  Taxon Synonyms: Conradina montana
  Family: Lamiaceae  (Mint Family)
Crescentia portoricensis (Plant Profile) Crescentia portoricensis
Photographer: Jennifer Possley

  Common Names: Higuero de Sierra
  Family: Bignoniaceae  (Trumpet-creeper Family)
Diervilla sessilifolia (Plant Profile)
  Common Names: Southern bush-honeysuckle, Southern bush honeysuckle
  Family: Caprifoliaceae  (Honeysuckle Family)
Echinacea tennesseensis (Plant Profile) Echinacea tennesseensis
Photographer: Casey Galvin

  Common Names: Tennessee coneflower, Tennessee purple coneflower
  Taxon Synonyms: Echinacea angustifolia var. tennesseensis
  Family: Asteraceae  (Sunflower Family)
Fothergilla major (Plant Profile) Fothergilla major
Photographer: Tom Ward

  Common Names: mountain witch alder, large witchhazel, mountain witchhazel
  Family: Hamamelidaceae  (Witch-hazel Family)
Helonias bullata (Plant Profile) Helonias bullata
Photographer: Greg Wieland

  Common Names: swamp-pink
  Family: Liliaceae  (Lily Family)
Iliamna rivularis var. rivularis (Plant Profile) Iliamna rivularis var. rivularis

  Common Names: streambank wild hollyhock, Peter's Mountain mallow, Kankakee globe-mallow
  Taxon Synonyms: Iliamna acerifolia, Iliamna corei, Iliamna remota, Phymosia remota, Sphaeralcea rivularis
  Family: Malvaceae  (Mallow Family)
Lindera melissifolia (Plant Profile) Lindera melissifolia
Photographer: Joe Ditto

  Common Names: Southern spicebush, swamp spicebush, pondberry
  Taxon Synonyms: Benzoin melissifolium, Laurus melissifolia, Lindera melissifolium
  Family: Lauraceae  (Laurel Family)
Mespilus canescens (Plant Profile) Mespilus canescens
Photographer: Joe Ditto

  Common Names: Stern's medlar
  Family: Rosaceae  (Rose Family)
Napaea dioica (Plant Profile) Napaea dioica

  Common Names: glade mallow
  Taxon Synonyms: Napaea dioica stellata
  Family: Malvaceae  (Mallow Family)
Paxistima canbyi (Plant Profile) Paxistima canbyi
Photographer: William Cullina

  Common Names: Canby's mountain lover, Canby's mountain-lover, cliff-green
  Taxon Synonyms: Pachistima canbyi, Pachystima canbyi
  Family: Celastraceae  (Bittersweet Family)
Plantago cordata (Plant Profile) Plantago cordata

  Common Names: king-root plantain, Heart-leaved plantain
  Taxon Synonyms: Plantago canadensis, Plantago kentuckensis
  Family: Plantaginaceae  (Plantain Family)
Rhododendron vaseyi (Plant Profile) Rhododendron vaseyi
Photographer: Tom Ward

  Common Names: pinkshell azalea, pink-shell Azalea
  Taxon Synonyms: Biltia vaseyi
  Family: Ericaceae  (Heath Family)
Sarracenia oreophila (Plant Profile) Sarracenia oreophila
Photographer: Donald Schnell

  Common Names: green pitcher plant, green pitcher-plant
  Family: Sarraceniaceae  (Pitcher-plant Family)
Silene regia (Plant Profile) Silene regia

  Common Names: royal catchfly
  Family: Caryophyllaceae  (Pink Family)
Solidago ouachitensis (Plant Profile) Solidago ouachitensis
Photographer: Casey Galvin

  Common Names: Ouachita Mountain goldenrod
  Family: Asteraceae  (Sunflower Family)
Solidago shortii (Plant Profile) Solidago shortii
Photographer: Casey Galvin

  Common Names: Short's goldenrod
  Family: Asteraceae  (Sunflower Family)
Torreya taxifolia (Plant Profile) Torreya taxifolia
Photographer: Tom Ward

  Common Names: Florida torreya, savin, stinking cedar
  Taxon Synonyms: Tumion taxifolium
  Family: Taxaceae  (Yew Family)

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